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testing facilities

Onboard your organization

Welcome to SimpleReport! Let’s get started.

Onboarding checklist

Complete the following steps to start using SimpleReport:

Onboarding checklist

Request access for your testing facility

To get access, fill out the SimpleReport facility access request form. If you have multiple facilities, fill out the form separately for each facility. (For example, if you have three facilities, you’ll fill out the form three separate times.)

Make sure that the facility name that you enter in the form is accurate, since this is the name that SimpleReport will share with your public health department.

Verify your identity

Once you’ve completed the facility access request form, we’ll schedule a video call to wrap up a few final pieces and get your facility access to SimpleReport.

You’ll receive an email with the subject line “SimpleReport access”, sent from one of our HHS team members. The email will let you schedule a 15-minute video call, during which you’ll be asked to show a government-issued ID and a work ID.

(optional) Get training

While you’re getting up to speed, you can also check out the SimpleReport training environment to familiarize yourself with the tool using sample data.

Learn how to use SimpleReport by:

Then, get started with a video introduction to SimpleReport.

Start testing

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to start using SimpleReport.

If you want to invite other staff members or add more facilities, you can do so directly in SimpleReport.