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A better way to report COVID-19 rapid tests

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SimpleReport is a free tool that makes it easy for COVID-19 testing sites to record results. It works with any rapid point-of-care test so you can quickly report data to public health departments.

  • Developed in partnership with the CDC
  • 100% Free
  • Maintains HIPAA standards
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How it works

how it works
SimpleReport fits into your existing workflow.
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No more repeat data entry
Skip re-entering the same data every time you report. Just pull up a name, enter the test result, and submit. It’s that easy.
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Reporting done for you
SimpleReport automatically converts your data into the format required by your public health department. Real-time reporting submits test results for you the moment you record them — saving you time.
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Free and created by the CDC
Developed for testing sites and public health departments, SimpleReport is 100% free.
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Safe and secure
Test results and patient information are securely stored and protected by two-factor authentication, database encryption, and HTTPS.
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Get started

Ready to simplify your COVID-19 reporting? Request a SimpleReport account today.

Get started with SimpleReport

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